on Apr 08, 15

Time for a New Approach

Proper skin care should be a part of our daily lives to combat the signs of aging and environmental damage.  Fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and large pores all tell the story of our life but it may not be the story we wish to share.  Proper skin care, defined by large marketing companies, involves as many as 8 steps to apply and layer multiple products with varying drying times in between each product.  Morning and night application of these products can lead to substantial application times.  Even 20 minutes per day adds up to over 120 hours per year of "proper skin care".  MDEthics believes it is time for a new approach.  After cleansing the skin, MDEthics Advanced Anti-Aging Serum can be applied in under 1 minute per day while delivering the potent natural ingredients found in over 10 traditional skin care products.

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